Pork Caldereta Recipe

Here's what I prepared for lunch today...Caldereta! One of my fave Filipino dish. Very very easy to do. Picture to follow.

Pork cubes worth 50pesos
1 small can of Reno liver spread
1 small sachet of Del Monte tomato sauce
1 can of garbanzos
3 medium size potato
1 bell pepper
1 siling haba, sliced without seeds 
1 medium onion
4 garlic cloves
1 Knorr chicken broth cubes

Heat oil in pan, add pork fats, fry until brown and crispy
Saute garlic and onion, then add pork cubes
Add 1.5 cup of water
Add chicken broth cube
Add Reno liver spread and tomato sauce
Wait until the sauce is slightly reduced
Add potatoes, garbanzos, bell pepper and siling haba
Season with pepper
Cook until potatoes are tender

Serve while hot! Enjoy!

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