Stir Fried Tutong With Bagoong

Stir Fried Tutong Rice with Bagoong. Again, so sorry for the low quality picture.

Ohmaaay!!! I LOLed at the title. Baka lang hindi nyo pa alam haha, tutong is the burnt rice sticking to the bottom of the pot. It's best eaten with kape!!!

There's about 5 cups of left over rice from our lunch today, a huge portion was tutong (maybe about 2 cups) haha, sayang naman kung di kakainin eh ang mahal ng bigas! Php 48 per kilo! What do I do with the tutong? So just like what I normally do, I made another pacham from whatever's left in the fridge...the end product is sinangag (fried rice)

5 slices of Maling (any luncheon meat), cubed
1 tsp of bagoong
Garlic and onion, chopped
Vegetable oil

For the sauce, mix all these together is a separate bowl:
1 tbsp of soy sauce
2 tbsp water
1 tsp of sugar
Maggi Savor (if you don;t like MSG, you may want to avoid this)

Heat oil in the pan then saute generous amount of garlic, onion, add a tsp of bagoong then the luncheon meat Add the rice, including the tutong portion, make sure to break up large clumps of rice
Pour the sauce mixture
Stir fry until the color is even

You don't need any ulam for this. Tastes good already. And believe me, the bagooong will make a huge difference! It adds a lot of flavor. The tutong adds a lot of texture also, ang crunchy! HAHA

I would have added veggies like bean sprouts, green peas and carrots with a bit of chilli pepper kaso wala eh.


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